Finding new cures for diseases. Developing new ways to manage illness. Preventing sickness in the first place.

None of this can be accomplished without health research.

But what are the most important areas of health research? And how can you make sure scientists are conducting the research that matters most to YOU?

In the past, scientists decided what research would be done. But now, with WellSpringboard, YOU have a voice.

WellSpringboard is a crowd-sourcing and crowd-funding platform for your health research ideas.

Here, you can share your ideas for innovative health research. Tell your friends about your ideas and get their support. Ideas with lots of crowd support can be matched with University of Michigan researchers who can bring them to life, then opened up for crowd-funding to get the research started. Be a part of the research that matters most to you – from the start, in the middle, and all the way through to the end.

How WellSpringboard works:

  1. Create & share your health research idea.
    Tell us all about your health research idea. Write a store or create a short video to explain why it’s important. The WellSpringboard team will review your idea and give you some feedback. When it’s ready, your video will be posted to the Idea Well.
  2. Invite people to back your idea by liking it & sharing it.
    Once your idea is in the Idea Well, send it to everyone you know so people can show their support. People can visit WellSpringboard and like or share your idea to show their support. Ideas with lots of crowd support can move on to the next stage of being matched with a researcher.
  3. Ideas with lots of crowd support can be matched with researchers & opened up for crowd-funding.
    Once your idea starts getting some crowd support, we’ll try to match is with a researcher who can bring it to life. Researchers from the University of Michigan can propose research projects inspired by your idea. Once your idea is matched with a researcher, it will move out of the Idea Well and be opened up for crowd-funding.
  4. When your idea is fully funded, the research project will get started.
    Once your idea is opened up for crowd-funding, invite your friends and family (and the world) to back it with donations. When your idea gets to the target level of donations, the matched researcher will receive the funds and bring your research idea to life. We’ll keep in touch with the research team – and with you – and report progress back to

Receive updates on idea submissions and research match-ups: