In the past, scientists decided what health research would be done.

Now, YOU have a voice.

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Featured topic areas: Adult Diabetes, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Pediatric Cancer, Pediatric Heart Disease and Sleep Research

WellSpringboard allows you to create and support health research ideas that matter to you.

Here, you can share your ideas for innovative health research. Tell your friends about your ideas and get their support so your idea can be put into action. WellSpringboard will match the best ideas with researchers who can bring them to life and open them up for crowd-funding. Be a part of the research that matters most to you – from the start, in the middle, and all the way through to the end.

Crowd-Sourced. Crowd-Funded.

How it works:


Create & share your health research idea.


Invite people to back your idea by liking it & sharing it.


Ideas with lots of crowd support can be matched with researchers & opened up for crowd-funding.


When your idea is fully funded, the research project will get started.